Friday, July 28, 2006

Main Aisa Kyon Hoon -- Part I

There are moments in a software engineer's life when he suddenly realises that he has been staring at the computer screen for close to 14 minutes without any other activity,physical or mental accompanying this stare and it is precisely at these moments that he lets out an agonising wail which emanates from deep within but gets stifled somewhere near the throat for software engineers do not usually express opinions as long as the payslip arrives on the last working day of the month.

Immediately he sets out to get the feel of the Outlook Inbox and eventually manages to bring back circulation by sending out a few forwards and re-reading a few of his favourite oldies.
Memories of his college days flash by often making him sit up in surprise at the amount of activity that the familiar looking guy is doing running here and there for sponsorships,participating in debates, wild ad campaigns,Floyd sessions, canteen,organising the quiz papers and that immensely popular Treasure Hunt, taking time out for a few harmless flirts and yet passing those exams with fewer than expected hiccups. That certainly wasnt me,he wonders.

This following bit is just for information courtesy

"Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder that results in the slow death of subsets of nerve cells in specific brain regions. The brain regions most affected are those involved in memory, recognition and personality, so resulting in dementia. Regions that are relatively spared are, for example, those for controlling movement. This is the reason why Alzheimer patients have memory problems but can walk and move normally, at least until the late stages of disease."

If one were to check about the contributing factors for this disease,I'm sure software engineering would be high on that list. No pun intended here.

This poor soul during those days of campus placements had no idea about the soup he had landed himself in, once his name was called out in that elite list of students.His joy was unbridled then.He had spent four years in the campus using the computer for very useful purposes such as games,pornography,movies,pornography,games,movies.
The day he joins his office, he sees hundreds of computers in front of him and again his joy is unparalleled.This is LAN where Age of Empire would thrive.Man this place rocks.
Fifteen minutes into that classroom which spoke of Pl-SQL,tables,queries,triggers and he politely stands up to leave the room for he surely is in a wrong room.Ha Ha ..these poor guys will have a tough time here,he smirks at the guys in the class.

The first rude shock : He is one of them.

The second rude shock : Computers are used for something called programming and not AOE.

The third rude shock : This is not a bad dream.

The fourth rude shock : This is really not a bad dream.

The fifth rude shock : There is a test day after.

The sixth rude shock : Lunch is postponed.

The seventh rude shock : The canteen is vegetarian.

The eighth rude shock : You cannot surf the internet in office.

The ninth rude shock : You have to sit till 8 for the lab session.

The tenth rude shock : This is only the first day in office.

Software morphing of personality in the next part.


Ellie said...

Back to blogging I see...:-)

The second part calls u....waiting for Part 2 myself!

mrinabh said...

Very very true true brother sir!

Rajesh J Advani said...

Um, where is Part 2???

Ezhil Kanagaraju said...

You've portrayed the life of a software engineer as it exists. Kudos...