Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Dead Indian with lost Pride

May God be with all those departed and injured in the horrible horrible blasts.
As regards the perpetrators of this crime,I can only smile at their misfortune at having been born such.

When I wrote the blog below,little did I know that the people of Mumbai will be called upon to show their large heartedness so early and in such a tragic circumstance.
As regards shouts of Mumbai being back on its feet is concerned let us be smart enough to understand that the Mumbai people have not much choice but to go ahead with their lives. It has nothing to do with pride or resilience .
It is a mere question of hunger that drives them.Let the administration not bask in this 'glory' that things are all normal.
Can things be normal for the families of the over 200 dead ever? Are things normal because the people are using the same trains to travel and going about their daily work as before.Can we all sit back and relax at this 'normalcy'
I despise this spineless attitude we have ingrained within ourselves.Year after year and month after month our ineptitude is laid bare.When can we shove aside the political impotencies and expect the authorities to act; to act in such a manner that a fear is instilled within these inhumans.A fear which will make them shake at thoughts of hurting an Indian the next time.
All we have is the spirit of the citizens which is holding the country together.
Please let the ministers know that a few lakh rupees for the dead is not enough a price for lost Indian honour.More needs to be done. We cannot just board the same train the very next day , pat our backs at our courage and carry on with our lives as if nothing has happened .200 lives have been lost and many deformed for ever . Something has happened.Please remind yourself that something has happened.We must act and act now.
Strike or else never hold the pompous republic day parade any more for it only makes us hang our heads in shame.What purpose is all that pseudo might which cannot protect the citizens or does not bother to avenge the brutal murder of its citizens.Shame on us.

Our Prime Minister addresses the nation and says that India will not kneel in front of terror.
Please show him the photgraphs of limbless people affected in the blast. Forget kneeling , they have no legs left to walk.
Show him the headless body of the person and somebody please tell him that he has no more head to hold high for the growing economy which the Prime Minister says will not be affected because of the blasts.

Is India an identity only when we consider 110 crore people?Were the 200 people who died and the above thousand who were injured not India ?If they were and the world over is expressing their condolences for these Indians then Mr.Prime Minister ,we are kneeling and we are kneeling, be it in Mumbai, be it in Srinagar, be it in Coimbatore or be it in Delhi.We have knelt always in the face of these ruthless activities.
I feel sad today, very sad at my helplessness.

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Srishti-the intern said...

it will be almost a year to this incident.
The reason i can so easily refer it to be an incident is same as why we have to remind ourselves of it and why unless my mother dies i will tend to forget it.
We have grown immune to bloodshed to violence or else we too busy to think. simply think.