Monday, May 16, 2011

Nearly an article..but

Just over a month since that eventful day when India lifted the Cup and I lifted my degree at my convocation. It has been an arduous five weeks of complete joblessness since then. With a joining date ensuring that everyone in the batch sees a credit of their first post-MBA salary before I even start my first day back in Corporate life, I have given laziness a whole new meaning in these days. Laziness and me have always been very good buddies. We understand each other very well and communicate at the right wavelength and this post, which I started writing when Osama still had twenty days to live stands testimony to this fact.
Okay what can a person in my situation do to make himself useful at home, a place which runs just perfectly fine in my absence ? Fans have been cleaned, a leaking stove repaired, windows sparkled and attempted to learn driving for exactly 2 hours. Now there is this thing about driving cars that I have come to accept. It is just not my cup of tea. Three Mirrors- 2 eyes, Three foot pedals - 2 feet, a machine certainly not as per God's design, crazy fellow drivers breathing down your neck, scratching your bottom and honking incessantly as if he is in a hurry to go and scratch the bottom of another as soon as you make way for him. Its complete chaos and I in all my wisdom have decided to not add to it.

Now a week remains for me to start work and here I stand with a degree from one of the most reputed business schools of India. So what difference has this degree brought in me as a professional?


This is as much as I could write in a month and a half. So instead of sacrificing this unsaid thought and as a tribute to my laziness, I will post this in my blog. Office starts in an hour. A new journey towards possibly newer destinations. Will have to wait and see.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats dude ....
Very Best wishes for new journey ...
Enjoy life and fat pay cheques ;)