Saturday, April 02, 2011

Convocation or WC Finals ?

For all those nights spent solving quant problems to clear CAT, for those train journeys at 4 in the morning to Baroda to take SIM CATs, for all those days spent in frustration at not getting/converting calls, for the effort it took to renew interest in MBA while working late nights in office, for that 3 week back pain that helped me take GMAT, for those hours and hours spent in writing and then rewriting application essays, for the tryst with failures again and then rising up for one last time, for the 10k flight to Delhi to attend interviews, for that one email from IIM Cal that changed my life, for the last one year that has given me the pains of being a student again and all the fun and frolick and nightouts and exams...yes for all of these, I choose my MBA Convocation today over World Cup Finals. May the best team win !! Cheers !


Anonymous said...

Yes .... the best team won!
Congratulation to you too.
Yours was the first blog that I ever read.... actually I was browsing for some info about our president ... or may be about upper house, I'm not sure ..... then I stumbled upon your post "Rashtrapati ya Rashtrapatni" :)

Rajarshi said...

Congratulations Dost.
This is probably the first post of yours where I didn't find satire or sarcasm or that outstanding ability of yours to laugh at yourself and the world at large. Thanks for showing the other side of yours. With curtains coming down on this long fought innings, let me wish you the best for the forthcoming innings.